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Police Department

215 South Work Street, Third Floor, Falconer NY 14733
(716) 665-7083    24hr Dispatch (716) 661-7232    Fax (716) 665-7047   
Confidential Tip Line (716) 241-9877

Chief - William L. Ohnmeiss Jr. | First Sergeant - Matthew D. Kubinski | Sergeant - Daniel C. Ingrao

The Town of Ellicott was formed on June 1, 1812. It was one of the three Townships first formed within Chautauqua County. In 1886 the Village of Jamestown was incorporated as a City and became a Municipality separate from the Town of Ellicott. In 1891 Falconer was incorporated as a Village within the Township; - as was Celoron in 1896. As the Villages and Town became more populated and settled it was necessary to provide for the enforcement of the Laws and Ordinances that had been enacted to protect and preserve the rights of all. Each of the municipalities within Ellicott provided Law Enforcement individually. This practice was suitable to the circumstances. The total census was not large, it was dispersed in “pockets” with a very “less mobile” lifestyle; - and the City of Jamestown was the “hub” providing industry, mercantile, and other sources of supplies for the daily needs.

Over a period of time an increased transience within the industrial, retail, and mercantile sector from this “hub” (either to mergers, distant locations, local suburban areas, or going out of business) changed the demographics, character, and relatively of the City, the Town, and the Villages to each other. Prior to 1968, Ellicott had part time Officers providing coverage on a part time basis within the Township outside of the Villages. Celoron had a similar setup for the Village, while the Village of Falconer had a full time Police Department. On March 20, 1968 the Town Board established a bona-fide Police Department pursuant to the provisions of section 150 of the N.Y.S. Town Law. On April 15, 1968 the position of Chief of Police was established pursuant to N.Y.S. Town Law, N.Y.S. General Municipal Law, and N.Y.S. Civil Service Law. Prior to 1980 there were 11 full time sworn Officers and 8 part time sworn Officers employed among the three respective jurisdictions of the Town of Ellicott. On 6/1/81 the Village of Celoron dissolved its’ Police Department and became a part of the constituency of the Town of Ellicott Police Department. On 6/20/83, by voter referendum, the Village of Falconer dissolved its’ Police Department and also became a part of the constituency of the Town of Ellicott Police Department. Currently we have 12 full-time Police Officers, 9 part time Police Officers. We maintain a 24/7 patrol; - via 2 or 3 patrol units on an east – west assignment basis. We continue to evaluate, adjust, and improve our service delivery to meet the ever-changing needs for Law Enforcement within the Town of Ellicott.


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