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Town Board

Augmenting the Town Council is our professional staff and three appointed boards composed of Town citizens who are charged with specific responsibilities regarding the planning and regluation of the Town's future growth and to hear assessment grievances.

The Town Council Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month at 6:30 PM.

Supervisor Patrick W. McLaughlin
67 Dunhave Ave, Celoron NY 14720  716-483-5854 (h)

Councilman Patrick Tyler, Ward 1
86 Howard Ave, Jamestown NY 14701  716-483-8605 (h)

Councilwoman Janet Bowman, Ward 2
245 Wembley Drive, Jamestown NY 14701  716-483-5563

Councilwoman Katy Whitmore, Ward 3
2255 Lennox Street, Jamestown NY 14701  716-450-1475

Councilman Daniel Heitzenrater, Ward 4
20 Harmon Avenue, Falconer NY 14733  716-969-5138

Attorney William Duncanson, Jr.
301 E 2nd Street, Suite 306, PO Box 206, Jamestown NY 14701  716-483-3233

Appointed Boards

The Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals meets every 3rd Thursday at 6:00 PM.

Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals
Chairman Dan Evans
Board Members Jean Holton, Ken Lyon, Patricia Martonis, Paul Volpe
Alternates Phyllis Belin, John Merchant

The Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals is primarily responsible for the preparation of detailed plans for the continued growth and development of the Town outside the incorporated villages.  Besides overseeing site-plan review for building projects, they also make recommendations regarding comprehensive plans, petitions for zoning change and any other matters referred to it by the Town Board.  They also hear appeals that are made to the Town regarding zoning matters and may review orders and decisions made by the Building Inspector.

Board of Assessment Reivew
Chairman Dr. Joseph Griffo, Chairman
Board Members Sandra Rater, Jean Lloyd, Patricia Martonis, Robert Morris

Grievance day is the 4th Tuesday of every May at Jamestown City Hall.  During grievance day, the Board of Assessment Review hears and makes determinations on complaints about assessments.  This Board is empowered to administer oaths, take testimony, and hear proof concerning any complaint and the assessement to which it relates.  Upon hearing all issues of the complaint, this Board shall determine the final assessment of the real property in question.  For more information contact the Assessor's Office at 716-483-7506 or 716-483-7510.

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